3 Herb Mamas

Croany herbs

on March 3, 2014

Nearly twenty years ago, now, I first read Susun Weed’s book called “Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way”.  InImage that book she wrote about being crowned as a Croan.  Not until then had I ever read anything positive about being an “old Croan”.   I’m still not fond of the word, but I’ve become quite fond of the place.  No, I’ve never participated in a Croaning ceremony, but I’ve certainly paid the price of youth and the growing up years to come to this place of wisdom and peace.  I’ve always been a bit of a rebel and my interest in herbs was due to a class that a much younger herbalist gave in the 1990’s in her peaceful home.  Her great knowledge allowed me to swim through the meno years much easier than I otherwise might have.  From that I fed an interest in herbals and all things alternate.  I knew I’d had some influence on the younger generation when the simple use of a neti pot gave my 10 year old grandson the idea of describing my “coolness” to his peers.  “My grandma is so cool that she pours water into her nose and it comes out her eyes”.  Obviously he was looking from afar and rather than seeing the water come out of the other nostril, to him it was coming out of my eyes.  Regardless it seemed I was something magical to this young spirit.

All my grandsons live a few hours away from us, so my influence is only slight.  Nevertheless when the oldest had colic, I was quick to offer catnip and fennel tincture to help it along and then nourishing herbal teas to my daughter in law during her second pregnancy.

Then the granddaughter came to us last July, (2013).  She lives HERE, just ten minutes away.  Her parents were desirous that she have no non-organic foods or formula until it became absolutely necessary (if ever).  My son and daughter in law were adamant that they wanted to protect our Hannah from the harmful effects of chemicals, pesticides and all the offenders that are suspect in our food chain.  Thankfully in this time we live it is quite easy to find all things organic within the stores, no matter how far away out you live. Our daughter in law works full time so growing it all isn’t as easy just yet.  But we’ll get there.

Nevertheless, one vice we all share is that we are pretty heavy tea drinkers in our homes.  Our Son and his wife drink tea and we drink tea.  While I was raised on hot, black tea early on, no one wanted our Hannah to have caffeine.  But, still, when she saw me drinking hot or cold tea, it was obvious she wanted some.  So, hmmmm, what’s an herbal tea drinker to do?  Well, what DO I DO?   For the first thing, I have a pretty extensive library of books ~ all things herbal, so I started thinking which herbs were favorites of mine and which herbs did I have in my herb pantry. A quick research on what would be good for Hannah and still taste good to her new little tasty buds was first priority.   My favorite herb is Tulsi Basil and I love the taste of it in tea.  While it’s not generally used for very young children, I knew at the time that H1N1 had broken out here pretty heavily, so a bit in a tea wouldn’t hurt her and she hadn’t had her flu vaccine yet, so it was a good time to add just a bit to the mix.   Spearmint tastes and smells wonderful, so I added some to the mix thinking it would help with gas and reflux  along with a few Linden blossoms to do the same for her.  The fruit from the rose would be next…. a few rose hips to add vitamin C and a tarter taste to compliment the mint.  And tea is not complete with a bit of lemon, so I added some Melissa, (lemon balm), to the tea blend as an antiviral.  I knew I didn’t want too many ingredients just in case I had to eliminate some if the tea bothered her.  Because I was in a hurry I added the items by the handful except the Linden which was maybe 1/4 cup.  The smell of the tea was wonderful.  Now to see what Hannah thought!  After mixing the blend by hand I took a teaspoon and placed it into a small one cup pot.  Let it steep for 5 minutes and poured it into a sippy cup.  I also added an ice cube to cool it.  Hannah went berserk.  She loved the herbal tea and fussed every time I put the cup down.  It was a simple blend to tighten up her immune system and settle her tummy after lunch at the same time.  I don’t feed it to her every day, but I could, and I don’t give it to her at every meal, though I could.  I’m starting her off early and plan on having her with me to play in the dirt and herbs this summer.  She’ll learn to identify, gather,dry and store; then blend, tincture and all the other fun stuff with herbals as she grows, Lord willing.  What a great legacy for an old Croan to leave to her only (for now) granddaughter.  Thinking of Spring, Janet

2 responses to “Croany herbs

  1. Sue says:

    Wonderfull….I love sharing herbal “stuff” with my kids & grandkids. When she was about 3 my granddaughter picked a plant and said this is for bleedy boo-boos. It was yarrow! They learn more than we realize!

    • 3 Herb Mamas says:

      That is wonderful, Sue! My grandmother was instrumental in teaching me about plants and her lessons, taught as naturally as breathing, are still with me 5 decades later. Your grandkids are blessed to have you. ~Leenie

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