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New Project Underway!

Natural Homemakers' Almanac Writing Project

Hi, Everyone!

For the past three months I have been working on a writing project that I naively thought would take me a year to complete a rough draft for and perhaps another year to edit. Ha! Now I am not setting dates for anything but simply focusing on keeping myself writing daily while continuing to learn and live what I am writing about. I am calling this process the NATURAL HOMEMAKERS’ ALMANAC Writing Project. It only took me those few months to recognize that I was in over my head and definitely was trying to “keep too many plates spinning.” I had to step back and reassess.

On excellent advice, I am choosing to streamline the places from which I share the writing process, articles on everything from natural approaches to allergy season to the ecological impact of tea bags to making your own home care and cleaning products and much, much more. At least for the next year I will be posting articles, in rough draft form, on this Facebook wall: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Natural-Homemakers-Almanac-Writing-Project/401441936691126?ref=hl With fewer sites to manage, I hope to be able to respond and make use of the comments and questions that appear in that one place as I continue to write. I welcome your (gentle, please) suggestions and feedback as I undertake this sometimes overwhelming, mostly exciting project. I also hope to be able to post several articles per week as I plow through my hundreds of sticky note self-assignments. I may periodically post an update here but the latest information will always be on the Facebook wall.

See you on the NATURAL HOMEMAKERS’ ALMANAC Writing Project wall! ~Leenie

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